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Impact Through Education

Women’s Fund believes in the collective power of our community to create change for women and girls in central Indiana. We have created innovative and nationally recognized philanthropy education programming as well as partnered with an internationally renowned organization to elevate the importance of emotional well-being.

For Children: birth to age 18

GO: Give Back

Philanthropy education and charitable giving teaches children to make thoughtful and intentional contributions to the community now and in the future.

For women: age 25-45


An annual class to introduce young-adult women to the needs facing women and girls in our community. The sessions are built around specific themes, guest speakers, field trips and vibrant discussions with class members regarding their individual and collective impact.

Seeking a Consultant

Executive Leadership Program

Women’s Fund is developing an Executive Leadership Program in central Indiana in partnership with Black women leaders to create, implement and evaluate programming that will serve as a national model to support the advancement of Black women to the C-Suite. Our organization recognizes the challenging issues women and girls of color face are compounded by 400 years of racial oppression and we are utilizing our community leadership to change practices and beliefs that perpetuate this inequity. The program will honor the talent and experience of Black women, juxtaposed with racist hiring practices that deny access to professional growth.

From education to initiatives

Campaign to Change Direction

The Campaign to Change Direction, an international public health campaign, helps every adult learn the five signs of emotional well-being and what to do if they recognize any of these indicators of emotional pain in themselves or someone else.


Your gift addresses the needs of women and girls in our community.