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Grants allow effective nonprofits to thrive.

Since 1999, Women's Fund has awarded $5.6 million through 377 grants to 110 women and girl serving nonprofit organizations in central Indiana. These grants have ranged from operating support to bold, transformational multi-year awards to seed money for start-up organizations. Our grants are based on community needs, informed by research, and are carefully monitored. Women's Fund's thoughtful and strategic grantmaking process can assure every donor to our endowment we are stewarding their dollars smartly and effectively.



Women's Fund awards grants to help nonprofit organizations serving women and girls in central Indiana.

We typically award grants one time a year; however, our grantmaking is flexible and adapts to fit the needs of women and girls in our community and the nonprofit organizations serving them.

Issues We Support

Women's Fund focuses our funding on issues necessary to the success of women and girls in central Indiana.

Our grants are focused on caregiving, domestic violence and insufficient income, with long-term interest in health and self-development. Our research shows these issues are central to women and girls achieving success, overcoming obstacles, and strengthening our entire community.

Grants We Have Made

Women's Fund grantmaking is flexible. We adapt our funding to address the current needs of our community and organizations serving women and girls in central Indiana.

We have provided grants to help nonprofit organizations plan for sustainability, to transform their work and impact, for operating support, and for innovative new programs. We constantly work to determine the best ways to address our core issue areas through central Indiana nonprofits. Our grantmaking process is guided by our research, the expertise of our Grants Committee volunteers and staff, and our communication with nonprofits and other funders in the community. Download a complete history of grants awarded on our Research and Publications page.


Prevail, Inc.

"A teacher from Noblesville Middle School shared with us that she recently found a note from a student to her boyfriend. In the letter the girl was breaking up with him. She stated that she has been learning about dating violence and that he is not treating her right! Over 1,409 students received this program during the Women's Fund grant period, and outcomes for students who participated in one semester show a 28% increase in knowledge. We couldn't ask for better feedback on how the Safe Dates program is working."

Prevail staff member