Meet Jayne During, owner and curator of Kuaba Gallery, a contemporary gallery located in Carmel. The gallery features a range of paintings and sculptures by both international and local artists.

The gallery’s diverse selection is largely inspired by Jayne’s heritage. She was born in Ghana and later moved to the United Kingdom. She then moved to Indiana to study business at Purdue University.

After returning home from a trip to Ghana, During felt inspired to show people the range behind African art. She was able to participate in a showcase held at the Indianapolis Art Center which encouraged her to open her own gallery in June of 2001.

Ten years later, she relocated her gallery near Monument Circle after opening the gallery on Mass Ave. In 2019, she moved again to the current building in Carmel.

Her gallery initially featured artists from Ghana and Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, but now she incorporates artists from around the globe and Indiana.

Some of the local artists During has featured include Marilyn Glick and Christine Drummond.

When comparing herself to the larger Indy art scene, During views her gallery as being different from the others.

“Mine is small and eclectic,” Jayne says. “You get to learn more about the cultures of the different artists that I represent. The interest is there, you learn about the country and how the artist communicates whatever is going on in the environment through whatever medium they choose.”*

In addition to being a premier art gallery, Kuaba Gallery can also be used for event spaces. We were lucky enough to have our end-of-year social to celebrate the transition of the Advisory Board leadership.

We had a great time socializing with other members of the Board as well as past Board Chairs who were unable to attend the 25th Anniversary Celebration in September 2021.

Pictured from left to right: Jennifer Pope Baker, Jennifer Young Dzwonar, Brenda Horn, Tavonna Harris Askew, Julie Davis.

*Thank you to Indy Maven for providing an in-depth spotlight on Kuaba Gallery.