Tamara-Winfrey-HarrisWomen’s Fund of Central Indiana President Tamara Winfrey-Harris was featured by Indy Maven in the article, “Tamara Winfrey-Harris isn’t messing around,” written by Leslie Bailey.

The article quotes Tamara:

“It’s a good reminder that some of the things we think of as ancient history—they’re not. We don’t want to create the same sins we just finished undoing. I’m going to go back to a question you asked me in the beginning because one of the things that I heard too many times when we were doing strategic planning and talking to groups of people was, ‘You bring speakers to Indianapolis, right?’ Because we have brought some amazing women to Indianapolis—Michelle Obama, the Duchess of Sussex, Billie Jean King, and now Ruby Bridges, but that’s not what we exist to do. Our mission is to convene, invest, and advocate so that everyone who identifies as a woman or a girl can reach their full potential in Central Indiana. That’s what we do. That is our purpose. Our once-a-year gala is very important to us both for fundraising and for the amazing women it exposes to the community. But make no mistake, we are here to make women’s and girls’ lives better.”

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