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Women's Fund has awarded 480 grants totaling more than $8,300,000 since May 1999 to 117 different women and girl serving organizations. 

the Issues

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Caregiving  |  Domestic Violence  |  Economic Empowerment  |  Issues Facing Girls

the Process

Our grant process is flexible and adapts to meet the changing needs of women and girls in our community. Review the guidelines and submission instructions


Growth of Women's Funds Grants

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Grantee Success Stories


"A teacher from Noblesville Middle School told us about a break up note she found from a student to her boyfriend. The young woman said she learned about dating violence in the Safe Dates program, and he wasn't treating her right. Thanks to Women's Fund, more than 1,409 students received the Safe Dates training, and students reported an increase in knowledge of 28 percent.

– Prevail staff member