GO: Give Back

Women's Fund helps families teach philanthropy

GO combines philanthropy education with charitable giving, teaching youth to make thoughtful and meaningful contributions to the community.

To participate in GO, an adult creates a donor advised fund in the name of the child within Women's Fund, with a minimum starting gift of $1,000. 

The fund is created in the name of a child who is from birth to age 18. When the child is in 1st grade through 12th grade he or she participates in gender specific programming to learn about caring and sharing in an age-appropriate way.

When the fund has at least $10,000 the child may begin making gifts to women and girl serving organizations in the community. The GO Fund is permanent and will be the child's charitable giving fund for his or her lifetime.

The GO philanthropy education curriculum focuses on five core content areas: self, community, money management, meaningful service and philanthropic inspiration. Participants learn about the needs of women and girls in our community and how they can make a difference.

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