Meet Nichole Wilson, Vice Chair of the Advisory Board and Vice President of Community Health Operations at Indiana University Health.

How and why did you first get connected with Women’s Fund?

I got connected to Women’s Fund through my SKL moderator, Martha Lamkin. She recognized my love for working with Black women and girls as a volunteer and recommended that I consider applying for OPTIONS! I did have interest in learning more about how philanthropy could play a pivotal role in the lives of Black women and girls in our city.

What single word would you use to describe yourself?


What really matters to you when it comes to our community?

EQUITY is what matters most when it comes to our community. If we aren’t consistently working to improve EQUITY for those that have the least — can we really say that we are a viable community?

How does your involvement with Women’s Fund help you achieve your personal or professional goals?

Learning from women who represent ALL walks of life has truly been a blessing. I have learned most from the women Women’s Fund serves to uplift. Every woman has a unique story, and the various perspectives brought forward have blessed me personally and professionally.