Giving to make a difference

Thank you for investing in the lives of women and girls in central Indiana.



    Grants that matter

Women's Fund knows the issues and organizations impacting women and girls in central Indiana and this is exclusively what we fund, through grants to effective nonprofit organizations.


    Teaching Philanthropy

Learn how to have impact with your giving. We offer three programs teaching philanthropy: GO: Give Back for children, OPTIONS for women age 25 to 45, and Perspectives for women age 46 to 106. Sixth through twelfth grade GO students introduced GO Ahead & Play in 2013.


GO Ahead & Play

A student-led public art project which brought pop-up pianos transformed by local artists to central Indiana August 1-18, 2013.


Engaging women age 25 to 45 in meaningful exploration of personal and group philanthropy and the needs of women and girls in our community.




GO: Give Back

Teaching children about giving and how to make thoughtful, significant contributions to the community.



Philanthropy education for women age 46 to 106 featuring meaningful discussions about personal philanthropy and issues impacting women and girls in central Indiana.



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February 3, 2016
by Kelly Young

Each month we will share information, ideas and updates about the NEXT Farming Initiative and the NEXT Fellows. This month let’s get to know the NEXT Fellows a little better.

December 16, 2015
by Women's Fund

Jody DeFord (OA Class 2) was one of 100+ women who attended the OPTIONS and Perspectives Year End celebration. Although she showed up feeling like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, she left with an overwhelming sense of pride for Women's Fund of Central Indiana - read why.