2019 Grant Guidelines

Women’s Fund of Central Indiana was established in 1996 as a permanent endowment whose income will support programs and organizations working to improve conditions and opportunities for women and girls in Central Indiana (including Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby Counties). Women’s Fund is a special interest fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).

Women’s Fund will consider program or operating support for organizations which share our interest in improving conditions for women and girls.

It is important for applicants to know:

Women’s Fund is particularly interested in funding programming in the following areas:

  • Breaking negative cycles and moving to economic mobility (especially regarding poverty and domestic violence)
  • Programming for girls that is preventive and has a demonstrated impact.
  • Programming that demonstrates an awareness of and/or provision of mental health services for women and girls.
  • Concept Proposals for operating support will be accepted only from organizations whose mission is to serve women and/or girls or from organizations for whom females constitute a significant majority of individuals served.
  • Women’s Fund is interested only in gender-specific efforts, not just programs that happen to serve women and/or girls.

Applicants are encouraged to use Indiana Institute for Working Families resources to better understand the impact of poverty on women and girls.

Women’s Fund will support organizations and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of women and girls which demonstrate:

  • Significant Impact
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Innovation/Creativity
  • CollaborationOutreach to Traditionally Underserved Populations
  • Potential for Matching Funds (this is a bonus, not an expectation)

Women’s Fund will not consider funding for:

  • Organizations not committed to gender equity
  • Programs promoting religion, including proselytizing or religious training (see below)
  • Fundraising activities (such as golf tournaments or galas)
  • Political campaigns
  • Individuals
  • Organization-sponsored conferences or event sponsorships
  • Schools
  • Organizations whose board of directors is composed of less than 50% women at the time of submission, unless the organization can provide a written and board-approved plan to reach at least 50% female board composition within the next 12 months.

Women's Fund believes spirituality is an important component in a woman or girl’s self-development and we recognize that organized religion provides the traction and grounding for spiritual development. However, Women’s Fund is committed to remaining neutral regarding the choices women and girls make about religious expression, as our donors celebrate many different religions or no religion at all. Therefore, it is our policy not to fund programs that include prayer, the promotion of religion, religious preferences, objectives, education, and/or training. If your organization’s mission statement is religious in nature, you must describe the role that mission and presence has in the grant activities for which you are seeking Women’s Fund support.