Learn to give more wisely with lasting gifts that really make a difference.

We teach philanthropy to foster the next generation of philanthropists and community leaders and to promote the collective power of giving back to our community. We offer three innovative philanthropy education programs for children and women in central Indiana.

Through GO: Give Back, we teach philanthropy to children, providing them the tools to be thoughtful contributors to our community now and in the future. Sixth through twelfth grade GO students are leading GO Ahead & Play, a public art project bringing pop-up pianos transformed by artists to central Indiana in August 2013. Through OPTIONS and Perspectives, we provide a way for women learn about community needs, personal philanthropy, and their role as leaders and philanthropists in central Indiana.


GO: Give Back

Philanthropy education for children in 1st through 12th grade.

GO combines philanthropy education with charitable giving, teaching children to make thoughtful and meaningful contributions to the community.



Philanthropy education for women age 25 to 45.

A year-long program where participants join in monthly educational classroom sessions to learn about community needs, personal and group philanthropy, and engage in site visits to women and girl serving organizations in central Indiana.



Women who participated in OPTIONS and continue their engagement with Women's Fund.

OPTIONS Alumnae are our community leaders and philanthropists.



Philanthropy education for women age 46 to 106.

A philanthropy education program featuring meaningful discussions about personal philanthropy and issues impacting women and girls in central Indiana.






Women in Poverty

Katie Zarich
Class 10

“My time in OPTIONS coincided with me having more time to devote to organizations that have been important in my life, so I have been able to give more time, and I have realized that the gift of time is essential to healthy not-for-profits. Also, my husband and I have made a conscious decision to focus our giving on a few organizations that are very important to us, rather than giving smaller amounts to more organizations. Making a giving plan has been important for us."