Philanthropy education for women age 25 to 45

A philanthropy education program engaging women in meaningful exploration of personal and group philanthropy and the needs of women and girls in our community.




OPTIONS is a philanthropy education program to engage women age 25 to 45 in meaningful exploration of personal and group philanthropy and the needs of women and girls in our community. In this year-long program members:

  • meet ten times over a period of twelve months.
  • participate in educational classroom sessions and site visits to women and girl serving organizations in central Indiana
  • have the opportunity to meet, network, and exchange ideas with Women's Fund Advisory Board members and OPTIONS Alumnae members who have been involved in a wide variety of activities supporting the work of Women's Fund.

Each calendar year a diverse group of women are selected to be part of a strong and vibrant OPTIONS class. Women's Fund seeks participants who are interested in exploring more about their personal philanthropy and the needs and issues facing women and girls in central Indiana. OPTIONS members are seen by Women's Fund Advisory Board members as future board members, philanthropists, and decision makers for Women's Fund. Many OPTIONS Alumnae members are actively engaged as leaders and participants on the Advisory Board and Board committees.

All OPTIONS participants are asked to make a personal charitable contribution of at least $300; at the end of the year, the class will work together to distribute these funds to organizations they feel are making an important difference for women and girls in our community.

Learn about OPTIONS and the impact it has made by viewing the video linked here, featuring interviews with OPTIONS participants from the first ten classes.

Getting Started

OPTIONS is a calendar year-based program starting each January. Applications are available in the fall prior to the class year.

If you are interested in learning more or applying for OPTIONS, contact Wendy McNamar by clicking here or calling 317.634.2423 x157.

OPTIONS Class Seventeen Members

Erica Ballard
Engagement Manager

Julie Bullard
Sr. Product Marketing Consultant

Brenda Chamness
Senior Director, Strategic Health Programs
American College of Sports Medicine

Katie Dillon
Community Volunteer

Monique French
Director, Tobacco Control & Advocacy
American Lung Association

Andrea Gilroy
Community Volunteer

Jasmine Graham, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Counseling & Counselor Education
IU School of Education at IUPUI

Shaun Irwin
Client Advisor/Vice President
J.P. Morgan

Sharnell Johnson
Director of Finance
Ivy Tech Community College
Central Indiana Region

Amanda Lantz
President/Principal Designer
A Lantz Design and Consulting

Elizabeth Larner
Associate General Counsel
Teays River Investments, LLC

Sumi Maun
Maun Consulting Services

Stacy Payne Miller
Reach For Youth

Hadley Moore
Indianapolis Public Schools
George Washington Community High School

Adriana Ratterman
Sales Leader
Dow AgroSciences

Jimia Smith
VP & Merkating Director
Carmel City Center

Kristen Martin Sobczak
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Marion County Prosecutor's Office

Kimberly Sterling
National Outcomes Liaison Director

Mari Swayne
Director, Pike Career & STEM Center
MSD Pike Township

Tammy Wilkerson
Community Volunteer





Emi Osterhaus
Class 11

“I feel OPTIONS 11 has opened my eyes in so many ways and has helped me grow, not just philanthropically, but as a woman too. It enabled me to open my eyes to women-serving organizations and get a true feel of what some women go through. The unimaginable struggles and the courage these women show to make it better for themselves and their children is beyond applaudable and to have a hand in helping them reach their goals is indescribable. I know the organizations themselves and the women they help are so very grateful for their gift, but I would like to thank them for being so vulnerable and courageous to not only seek help, but to let us inside and truly see what their day to day lives are like."