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Women's Fund encourages many types of gifts, thanks to our affiliation with Central Indiana Community Foundation. We have an expert team of charitable giving advisors who can help you determine the giving method most appropriate for you and your circumstances. 

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Pledge or Cash
Stocks and Bonds
Real Estate
Charitable Bequest

Qualified Retirement Plan
Unused Life Insurance Gifts
Create an Income Stream


Pledges and gifts of cash, check, or credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express) are an easy and convenient way of making a contribution. Check with your financial advisor to determine the tax benefits this type of gift will provide.

You may honor or memorialize someone through your gift or pledge. Pledges of at least $1,000 may be paid over up to three years on an annual, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Gifts of appreciated securities (bonds and stocks, including stock in closely-held companies) can be used to make an outright gift or to fulfill a pledge commitment. You may find you are able to make a larger gift using appreciated securities instead of cash.

Whether you wish to simplify your financial life by selling real estate such as vacation homes, rental buildings, lots and farms, contributions of real property can be an attractive alternative. This can include remainder interests in your personal residence, vacation home, or farm.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Avoid capital gains on the sale of the property and take a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value of the real property.
  • Eliminate the burden and some of the expense associated with a commercial sale.
  • Some contributions of real property may provide a life income through a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.
  • Charitable needs in the community receive support through your gift of real estate to Women's Fund of Central Indiana. After carefully evaluating the particular property, Women's Fund will advise you on how best to contribute the property.

As a form of giving, charitable bequests provide flexibility since they may be changed at any time. Through a bequest to Women's Fund, you can improve the quality of life for countless people you may never meet.

Donors making a bequest to Women's Fund of Central Indiana are recognized as part of the Irving Moxley Springer Society, the planned giving society of Women's Fund, and Heritage Circle Society, the planned giving society of Central Indiana Community Foundation and its affiliates The Indianapolis Foundation and Legacy Fund of Hamilton County.

Currently subject to both estate tax and income taxes assessed to the individual recipients, your qualified retirement assets passed through your estate could be significantly reduced. Naming Women's Fund of Central Indiana as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan allows you to designate the total accumulation for charitable causes most important to you. Your spouse can waive survivor rights in favor of a charitable organization or a charitable remainder trust.

Life insurance is often purchased when people want protection for their family, business or estate. However, in later years they often find they do not need all the insurance they did when they were younger. As a result, it may become desirable to use life insurance policies for charitable giving. If you want to achieve immediate tax benefits, consider irrevocably transferring an insurance policy to Women's Fund of Central Indiana by obtaining a change of ownership form from the issuing company. Or, you can name Women's Fund as primary, successor, or contingent beneficiary of your insurance.

Charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts provide you with the opportunity to make current commitment to the charity or cause(s) of your choice and receive an income stream for yourself and/or your beneficiaries. These deferred gift vehicles allow you to avoid capital gains tax on a gift of appreciated property, receive an income tax deduction for a portion of the gift, and remove, for tax purposes, the asset from your estate.

The following vehicles can be very helpful to your retirement planning and wealth preservation.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust: you or a loved one can receive a steady income for life and at your passing the "remainder" in the trust can make charitable gifts to Women's Fund of Central Indiana.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: this vehicle guarantees an income to you or a loved one for life and the charitable remainder left at your passing will be contributed to Women's Fund of Central Indiana.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: Women's Fund can receive a steady income for a period of time and, at the end of the trust period, the principle and growth is returned to you or a loved one.

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Future Promises
Health and Hospital Corporation

"Since the Women's Fund grant was awarded, the Future Promises Program has expanded significantly. Currently the program is serving pregnant and parenting teens attending six different schools versus four different schools when the grant was originally awarded. Furthermore, the program has changed by becoming a resource site for other professionals working with pregnant and parenting teens in the state by offering professional training and the building of an informative website serving professionals, pregnant and parenting teens and their parents.

The Future Promises Program as a whole was impacted by the Women's Fund grant with a residual effect on the 288 current participants and future program participants."

Wanda Spann Roddy
Director, Future Promises