<h1>Issues We Support</h1>

Issues We Support

Women's Fund is an expert resource, focusing our funding on issues necessary to the success of women and girls in central Indiana.

Our funding is currently focused on the following three priorities: caregiving, domestic violence and insufficient income. Our ongoing interest also includes health and self-development. Our research shows these issues are central to women and girls achieving success, overcoming obstacles, and strengthening our entire community.


Women are often responsible for their children as well as caring for aging parents or other adult relatives. We are focused on increasing access to affordable, high-quality care, which can be a barrier to a woman's self-sufficiency.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence impacts women and their families and has no boundary by race, age, income, or socioeconomic status. We are focused on addressing immediate needs by keeping women and their families safe, and to stopping the cycle of violence through preventative education.

Insufficient Income

Women often lack access to resources helping them gain self-sufficiency, such as job skills training and employment placement services. We are focused on helping women become self-sufficient without depending on the goodwill of others.

Issues Facing Girls

Girls often do not have access to gender-specific programming, which is important to self development and learning about gender equity and female empowerment from an early age. We are focused on providing options and opportunities to girls in central Indiana.


Women in Poverty

The Julian Center

"In 2011, The Julian Center had quite a few unexpected things to celebrate. Our former library was converted it to a technology room thanks to Interactive Intelligence! Women use this room to study, search for jobs, and create resumes. Someone staffs the room and helps the women with the computers--many have never used a computer or even know what a resume is! This is because many have lived in complete isolation for many years because of their abusers. Often, they have never been allowed to have a job and this is the first time in their lives where they have made their own decisions. This is a critical part of our mission and is a stepping stone for clients as they rebuild their lives, get jobs or education, and start again. As a result of this room and the new technology, our clients have used the computers to find 9 jobs, go on 22 interviews, and create 7 resumes! We are thankful to Women's Fund, who partially paid for our IT Director's salary last year! He maintained all of the computers and gave tutorials to our clients on how to operate them."

Alaina Cutler
Development Associate