<h1>Domestic Violence</h1>

Issues We Support

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and sexual assault impacts women and their families and knows no boundary by race, age, income, or socioeconomic status.

Women's Fund provides grants to organizations providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, and counseling for victims of domestic violence. To date, we have awarded $1.1 million to address domestic violence issues.

By The Numbers

13.7% of Indiana girls reported being hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by their girlfriend or boyfriend in a 12 month period, higher than the U.S. rate of 9.3% and an increase over the 2001 Indiana rate of 12%.
(source: 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey)

10.6% of U.S. women reported experiencing forced sex at some point in their lives; 60% of female victims were first raped before age 18.
(source: Still on Shaky Ground 2011)

Calls for help from people in domestic abuse situations have risen 616% in 10 years from almost 500 in 2000 to more than 3,500 in 2009.
(source: Still on Shaky Ground 2011)

In one year 6,701 adults and children were served by Indiana domestic violence emergency shelters.  (source: Still on Shaky Ground 2011)

25% of women have experienced domestic violence in her lifetime.


Stories of Success

The Salvation Army - 2011

Amount awarded

Funding to provide case management services and assistance to 40 domestic violence victims and their children as they transition from living in the shelter to living independently.

Coburn Place - 2011

Amount awarded

Grant for transitional housing and support services for domestic violence victims and their families. The agency serves around 60 adults and 80 children per year.

Alternatives, Inc. - 2011

Amount awarded

Grant was awarded to support domestic violence victim emergency shelter. The shelter expects to serve more than 100 individuals from Hancock, Hamilton and Marion Counties.

Ruth Lilly Health Education Center - 2006-2008

Amount awarded

Providing healthy relationships programming to all 11,800 fifth and seventh grade students in Indianapolis Public Schools during a three-year period. The goal of the program was to promote healthy relationships, reduce the incidence of teen relationship violence and aid in long-term prevention of domestic violence. Post-test results indicated students have increased knowledge of what constitutes healthy relationships.

The Julian Center - 2010

Amount awarded

Operating support to provide counseling, safe shelter, and education for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises.

Prevail, Inc. - 2010

Amount awarded

To support Prevail's efforts to initiate the Safe Dates program for teenagers in Hamilton County schools, and to fund support of teen sexual assault victims in Hamilton County.

Turning Point Domestic Violence Services (Columbus Regional Shelter) - 2010

Amount awarded

A grant in support of Turning Point's Teen Violence Prevention program in Johnson and Shelby Counties.

Prevail, Inc.

"A teacher from Noblesville Middle School shared with us that she recently found a note from a student to her boyfriend. In the letter the girl was breaking up with him. She stated that she has been learning about dating violence and that he is not treating her right! Over 1,409 students received this program during the Women's Fund grant period, and outcomes for students who participated in one semester show a 28% increase in knowledge. We couldn't ask for better feedback on how the Safe Dates program is working."

Prevail staff member