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Women's Fund awards grants to help nonprofit organizations serving women and girls in central Indiana.

Women’s Fund of Central Indiana is committed to increasing options and opportunities for women and girls in central Indiana.

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We provide funding to nonprofit organizations serving women and girls in eight central Indiana counties: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby.

Learn About the Process

Our grants process is flexible and adapts to meet the current needs of the community.

In 2017, Women's Fund of Central Indiana will have a two step grant process. Organizations serving central Indiana women and girls are invited to submit a concept proposal through the CICF portal at https://cicf.smartsimple.com between April 6th and April 21st at noon. Selected organizations will be notified by June 7th whether they will be invited to submit an application. Invited applications can be submitted between June 12th and July 14th at noon. For more information, see the 2017 Grant Guidelines.









Shelby Community Health Center

"Laura, a 39 year old mother of three, was without insurance and could not afford health care. Because of this lack of insurance, she had gone almost 15 years without a screening for cervical cancer. She came to the clinic with concerns about her menstrual cycle. She had been experiencing heavy bleeding and clotting for over a week. She was unable to receive a Pap at that time due to the heavy bleeding, but she was given ibuprofen and an iron supplement and instructed to return as soon as there was a break in the bleeding. When she did have the Pap smear, the results showed abnormal results which were highly suspicious for cervical cancer. Due to the severity of the screening, our local OB/GYN performed a biopsy as soon as was possible. Indeed, the results showed stage three cervical cancer. With this diagnosis, she was able to apply for expedited Medicaid to cover chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Her prognosis is good for an excellent recovery. Without the assistance of the Women’s Fund grant to provide the initial screening, Laura would have gone undiagnosed until treatment was no longer an option. The funding from the Women’s Fund very likely saved Laura’s life."

Alecia M. Gross
Executive Director