<h1>Grants We Have Made</h1>

Grants We Have Made

Women's Fund grantmaking is flexible. We adapt our funding to address the current needs of our community and organizations serving women and girls in central Indiana.

We have provided grants to help organizations plan for sustainability, grants to transform the work and impact of organizations, operating grants, and grants for innovative new programs. We keep our eyes and ears open to determine the best ways to address our core issue areas through central Indiana nonprofits. Our grantmaking process is guided by our research, the expertise of our Grants Committee volunteers and staff, and our communication with nonprofits and other funders in the community.

Download a complete grants awarded history on our Research and Publications page (located below our research reports and study findings). 

Learn more about grants we have awarded:

Future Promises
Health and Hospital Corporation

"Since the Women's Fund grant was awarded, the Future Promises Program has expanded significantly. Currently the program is serving pregnant and parenting teens attending six different schools versus four different schools when the grant was originally awarded. Furthermore, the program has changed by becoming a resource site for other professionals working with pregnant and parenting teens in the state by offering professional training and the building of an informative website serving professionals, pregnant and parenting teens and their parents.

The Future Promises Program as a whole was impacted by the Women's Fund grant with a residual effect on the 288 current participants and future program participants."

Wanda Spann Roddy
Director, Future Promises