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June 13, 2017

OPTIONS Class 16 Raises the Roof

by Women's Fund

Hammers swinging. Nail guns popping. Power saws buzzing. These are not the typical surroundings for the women of OPTIONS Class 16. On Wednesday, May 10th, we stepped out of the office, courtroom, or exam room and onto a construction site to build a house. We joined forces with Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity to participate in their 4th annual Women Build.

Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity administers many programs to make affordable homeownership a reality for families in poverty. The annual Women Build home is built and funded by over 300 women volunteers from all walks of life. The mission of the Women Build is “to recruit, educate and nurture women to build and advocate for simple, decent and affordable houses in their communities”. We believe this mission aligns with our passion to support women and girls in central Indiana so we delightedly donned our hard hats and tool belts to join the effort.

Our build day involved a lot of heavy lifting. With the guidance of the “Tiger Team,” a force of expert Habitat builders, we learned how to use a variety of saws and other power tools. We found bravery within ourselves to scale tall ladders, work up on the roof, or raise heavy beams high overhead. We built the house’s flying rafters, gables, and porch supports. We nailed rafters into place, hammered in hurricane clips, and nailed in the sheathing.

Many members of our team had never wielded a construction tool before the build day, but no one shied away from a task and every OPTIONS Class 16 builder showed tenacity on the build site. From Carol Lynch, Tiger Team leader extraordinaire, “The Women’s Fund Team were up for whatever we threw at them.” We left the site with sore muscles, drenched in sweat, and caked with mud. However, we also took with us fond memories, new skills, and the knowledge that together we built something useful for a deserving Indianapolis woman and her two daughters.

Women Build puts the tools into women’s hands to fight poverty housing. To learn more about Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity’s annual Women Build, visit http://indyhabitat.org/women-build/.



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