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February 17, 2015

Proud to be a GO Student!

by Women's Fund

Written by Hannah, GO student

Earlier this month, all of us GO: Give Back high school students gathered at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for a meeting about the event we are planning at the Power of Children: Making a Difference gallery. After catching up on everyone’s very busy lives we settled in to discuss the focus of our event, Rabbi Sandy Sasso's new children's book Anne Frank and the Remembering Tree.

The book is about Anne and the Frank family -- but from the view of the tree outside the Secret Annex window. We explored the themes of the book and which would be the easiest to explain to children who were about the same age we were when we started GO. Reminiscing about our not too distant past allowed us to draw from all of our amazing experiences and things we learned at GO and how we could help spread them to other children. 

In order to have a better background of the event we traveled up to the Power of Children: Making a Difference gallery. As someone who has visited the Children’s Museum enough times for multiple people, I would be lying if I didn’t say that my favorite part was the ramps. I have no idea what it is about them, but they just bring back so many memories of my mother yelling after me to slow down. At the Power of Children: Making a Difference gallery, we all looked around and figured out which activities we could do where. However, the exhibit not only helped us with our event but also started conversations between us about current social issues. This is one of my favorite parts of GO and the thing I will remember the most about it. We are encouraged to talk about things that matter to us and these conversations open us up to views on the world that we would never normally have.

The meeting helped us plan our upcoming event but it also reminded me why I keep coming to these meetings after so many years. I am who I am because of GO and because of the conversations and topics we explore. I am proud to call my self a GO: Give Back student and love the people who carry that title with me.

Click here to learn more about GO: Give Back.

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