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September 19, 2013

Tim Bowling, Piano Tuner: the Notes Keep Playing

by Women's Fund

By Tim Bowling
A Tune Above
Piano Tuning Sponsor, GO Ahead & Play

As the piano tuner for the GO Ahead & Play project I must say that I have received much more than I have given, and it continues. It is a distinct honor and privileged, and I have received so much satisfaction and joy participating in the GO Ahead & Play project.

I imagine some may be thinking GO Ahead & Play is over. I must at this point draw attention to the fact that a very unique legacy has been established that continues and will continue long after these pianos have disappeared from public view. And I am one of the few that gets to see all of it unfold in every location.

I have come to appreciate this opportunity even more as I am in the process of servicing the pianos in their final locations. A whole world has been presented to me that I was not previously aware of. Oh, I knew there were programs in place to assist people, but I had no idea! I am receiving an education along with my job.

I won’t keep you here all day, but would leave you with a few highlights why I am enjoying this so much, like trying to tune at Concord Neighborhood Center while the ladies are slapping down their dominoes, followed by a wonderful grilled reuben in their deli.

At Dress for Success Indianapolis, Executive Director Barbara Ellsworth is first class all the way. She gave me a tour of the facility, and two days later I received a hand written thank you note from her in the mail.

Then there is Dan, the security guard at the English Foundation Building. When I finished tuning he sat down and ripped into some very impressive Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin. I wish I had video instead of the still shot you see here.

Still more pianos to tune. Maybe I’ll be back with more incidents worth recounting. But, for now I can say, I’m only half done, but already have experienced the truth of what Jesus Christ, who is my Lord, said, “Give, and it will be given to you; a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over—will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”  - Luke 6:37

It seems to me that it is coming back to me in a measure that is larger than the measure I used.

Tim Bowling, A Tune Above, was Piano Tuning Sponsor for the GO Ahead & Play project. Tim invested an incredible amount of time and in-kind services, tuning each of the 20 pianos multiple times. Tim maintained each piano's tuning quality prior to public placement, during their 18 days on public display, and at each piano's final home.

To contact Tim for your piano tuning needs, visit his website: atunabove.com.


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Lyland Murphy Ward
Friday, October 4
I love it when Tim comes to Dress for Success because he plays the Snoopy song!
Timothy Bowling
Friday, October 4
Thank you all for these very encouraging comments!
Tim Andreanopoulos
Thursday, October 3
Mr. Bowling never does anything partway....he gives it his best. We are thankful for his regular tuning of our church piano and keeping us sounding in tune all the time. I am thankful to have a Christian man to give our instruments the attention they need...as we seek to honor the Lord. Keep up the great work Mr. Bowling!!!
Dan Bystrom
Tuesday, October 1
Well, what do you expect? A Godly, gifted man doing a wonderful thing, using his talents and thanking the Lord for it all. Timothy has been steady as a rock, never giving up, consistently faithful. In many ways, his approach to life and work has been an inspiration to me. Keep on keeping on Timothy.
Tuesday, October 1
Great article by a great piano tuner! Wish he were in my area to tune my piano!
Tuesday, October 1
Thank you Jesus, for giving talents and gifts to your children! This man is truely a talented and gifted man. No one can tune a piano quite like him, he has an ear that few have. As well as a heart to do the best job possible for everyone he works for! What a blessing! Continue God's good work my brother!
Hope Bowling
Monday, September 30
As your sister, I'm very proud of you. This is an excellent article--you're a good writer as well as piano tuner! I'm glad you had the chance to help this project by tuning the pianos for them. I've been so impressed with this very creative way of raising awareness, and money, for the Women's Fund! I enjoyed your stories about the various steps in the project, from decorating the pianos, to the "Heart and Soul flash mob" at the kickoff event, to your pictures where the pianos were placed in public. I also loved seeing the short videos of people actually playing and enjoying the pianos in their public settings. I'm glad you had the chance to give to the organization; and am very thankful that you got so much in return. I hope the Lord blesses you with plenty of work through this.
Monday, September 30
Timothy, It is so nice to see what a success this program was & hear your stories. The best part is that you are giving the credit where it is due to the good Lord above.
I hope this project & your business continue to touch lives.
Robert F. Porter
Friday, September 27
Timothy, this is an excellent article. And, I clicked on the hyperlink to your website and found an excellent ad. I pray you will have a continuous flow of appointments to tune and work on pianos throughout this area. Since you are a qualified and experienced piano technician I hope those who will read the article and your ad will grasp the scope of what that means – and as a result increase your service. God bless you, my friend.

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