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March 30, 2012

Women. Girls. Central Indiana. - March 2012

by Jennifer Pope Baker

One of the things Women's Fund does best is teaching philanthropy to women and children through OPTIONS and GO: Give Back. Both of these programs were founded in 2000 and have grown to involve hundreds of women and children. My hope is to educate and cultivate the next generation of philanthropists and leaders who will be thoughtful about the positive impact they can have for women and girls. Read on to learn about what OPTIONS and GO participants were up to in March, as well as a tribute to an important philanthropist in central Indiana.

  • OPTIONS Class 12 visited Dress for Success Indianapolis last week. Most of them knew Dress for Success provides suiting for women preparing for job interviews, but it was eye-opening for them to learn so many women need to start with the very basics, like underwear, something most of us take for granted. One of the things I enjoy most about this site visit is participating in an interactive exercise to help OPTIONS participants better understand what it means to live on minimum wage. It is startling to realize what it truly takes for a woman to survive without depending on the goodwill of others. Visit our blog next week for a two-part series about the visit from the perspective of OPTIONS Class 12 member, Jen Rawe.
  • One of my favorite parts of Women's Fund is our work with young girls and boys through our GO: Give Back program. This winter older GO participants had the opportunity to interview Women's Fund volunteer leaders to learn about their philanthropic journeys. Thirteen year-old Hannah interviewed Women's Fund Emeritus Board member, Martha Lamkin. Read what Hannah learned about why philanthropic involvement is important to Martha, how Hannah plans to use her GO: Give Back grantmaking dollars, and Martha's advice for Hannah.
  • I have the honor of serving as the moderator for United Way of Central Indiana's 2011-12 Executive Women's Leadership Series. This year's curriculum provides an in-depth study of female leadership in the areas of volunteerism and philanthropy. The class has had fabulous site visits to United Way agencies and has heard from female leaders discussing the role of women in hands-on volunteerism, leading large community events, making funding decisions, and the evolution of the role of women in decision-making. Women's Fund Emeritus Board member Marianne Glick started this series for United Way 22 years ago, the same time I moved to Indianapolis to work for United Way on their campaign staff. I feel like I've come full circle in having this opportunity to give back to the organization that introduced me to philanthropy in our community.

Women's Fund friend Marilyn Glick passed away last Friday. Many of you know her from the tremendous generosity which she and her husband Gene B. Glick have bestowed on our community. Women's Fund knew her for her interest in and support of our philanthropy education programs. One of my favorite memories of Marilyn was when she visited an OPTIONS class to participate on a panel to talk about her life's journey in philanthropy. The other two panelists were her daughter, Marianne Glick, and granddaughter, Jackie Barrett (OPTIONS Alumnae member), who shared how they developed their own interests and ideas through the influence and encouragement of Marilyn. If you haven't seen the obituary for Marilyn, it truly illuminates how remarkable she was. As my eleven-year-old daughter said, "Wow, that's really nice."

Join me in honoring the memory of Marilyn Glick; I hope we all can embody her spirit of generosity, curiosity, and joyful living.

Best regards,

Jennifer Pope Baker
Executive Director
Women's Fund of Central Indiana
Central Indiana Community Foundation

PS: Thank you for your contributions to Women's Fund! Because of you we continue to improve conditions for women and girls in our community. Donate now to support our work.

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