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March 6, 2012

Hannah, 8th Grade GO Participant, Interviews Martha Lamkin

by Women's Fund

Philanthropic inspiration is a goal and rich benefit of the GO: Give Back youth philanthropy program. Throughout their involvement, GO students are exposed to the vast knowledge, relationships and resources of Women's Fund. This winter, GO students in grades 8 - 12 were given the opportunity to connect with a philanthropic leader from the Women's Fund family. GO participants were provided a list of interview questions and matched with several women and men deeply committed to Women's Fund and philanthropy in our community. The opportunity proved to be a rewarding experience for Hannah, an 8th grade student in the GO: Give Back program, as she interviewed Martha Lamkin. Martha is a "founding mother" of Women's Fund of Central Indiana, involved since its inception and committed to impacting the lives of women and girls. Enjoy this student-led interview:

Hannah - GO: Give Back participant and 8th grade student, age 13 (pictured above left).
Martha - Women's Fund Emeritus Board member and founding mother, former President and CEO of Lumina Foundation for Education (pictured to right).

H: How long have you been involved with Women's Fund?

M: I've been involved since Women's Fund was just an idea; close to 15 - 20 years.

H: What motivated you to become involved with Women's Fund?

M: I believe there are particular issues and challenges women and girls face and not enough attention is given to them. I think Women's Fund is an excellent place to share my time, talent and treasure.

H: In what role or on which committee do you serve?

M: I have served on the Advisory Board, Executive Committee and co-chair of the Changemakers Committee.

H: Do you have a "favorite" program, organization or project that Women's Fund has supported over the year? Why is it your favorite?

M: I really like Girls Inc. because they go into schools and community centers and provide programs focused on making girls self-sufficient; strong, smart and bold.

H: Why do you think philanthropic involvement, in general, is important?

M: In our country we believe that individuals should reach out to help others in need. Together we can make big improvements in our community and in the lives of others by volunteering our time and money to solve problems.

H: In what other ways (besides Women’s Fund) are you involved in giving your time, talent or treasure in our community?

M: I spend a lot of time working with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Gateway to College and Ivy Tech, Indianapolis.

H: Where do you work and what is your job title? How does your business or place of employment encourage participation in community philanthropy, if at all?

M: I was the President and CEO of Lumina Foundation which used a billion dollars to help more people go to college and succeed there. I am now retired.

H: Who influenced your philanthropic interests? How was that person(s) influential?

M: My faith tells me that I should care for other people. Also, J. Irwin Miller, a very brilliant man who headed Cummins for many years, helped me see how individuals and corporations can be very effective and creative in helping individuals and communities in the US and around the world.

H: Is there anything you would like to know about me and my involvement in the GO: Give Back Program?

M: How would you like to use your grant money to help others in the future?

H: I would like to benefit the women and children of Indianapolis because that is who I feel needs the most help right now.

H: What advice do you have for me as a young woman as I think about granting money from my GO Fund in the future?

M: Think about what your passion is and where you can really make a difference.

A special thank you to both Hannah and Martha for sharing their time and interview with us.

Please contact Jennifer Pope Baker for information about the GO: Give Back youth philanthropy program of Women's Fund of Central Indiana.

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