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April 30, 2012

Women. Girls. Central Indiana. - April 2012

by Jennifer Pope Baker

Like many of you, I kicked off the month of April with a week of spring break. I feel fortunate that my family had the opportunity to enjoy a nice vacation together. But, as a working mom, and through my work at Women's Fund, I know all too well the worries of securing safe choices for my children when I have to work during their school vacations. I am thankful for the Women's Fund grantees that provide options and opportunities for mothers who can go to work knowing their children are safe. As we move quickly through spring, here are a few notable Women's Fund happenings in April I would like to share with you:

  • We know that opportunities are more abundant for women when they are paid fairly and equitably for their work. So, on April 17 we celebrated Equal Pay Day and did our part to raise awareness of an issue we feel is critical to the success of women in our community. Although we continue to be challenged by the disparity in pay, we know we are making advancements to equality. Special thank you to the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) for helping me share my opinion on this issue.
  • OPTIONS Class 12 visited Indiana Women's Prison this month, which is always a meaningful experience. The information shared, lessons learned, and new perspectives gleaned reminded me why these site visits are invaluable to our women. One classmate shared in an insightful blog post that she felt the panelist of women who told their stories of being in abusive relationships, which led them to murder, were a group of "very unique, strong and inspiring women."
  • I was excited to read an article about Women's Fund Advisory Board member, Melissa Proffitt Reese, who was recognized by the IBJ as being a woman who has broken the glass ceiling with a hammer. Read here about her successful law career at Ice Miller. We are extremely grateful to Melissa for sharing her skills and providing key leadership to Women's Fund and our corporate Partners campaign, which supports our operating fund. Since 2010, Melissa has been instrumental in raising more than $450,000 for Women's Fund! Melissa shares a beautiful home with her husband, Ken, which was recently featured in The Indianapolis Star. Melissa has made great use of her beautiful kitchen in hosting multiple events for Women's Fund. Many thanks to Melissa!
  • I hope you had the opportunity to read Matthew Tully's column in The Indianapolis Star yesterday; he wrote a fantastic and powerful piece about the work of Women's Fund in our community. The column was the result of us being caught in the crossfire of David McIntosh's attacks on Susan Brooks in the US Congressional primary. Susan Brooks is an active and important member of our Advisory Board and like all of our Board members, she has used her voice to make a difference in our community and now she is seeking to use the same for the benefit of our country. Women's Fund has always had Board members who represent a broad political spectrum and that gives us our strength. Because we have women and men who think about issues from many different viewpoints we are together able to make decisions to best impact the issues and priorities of Women's Fund.

    In this election year, I encourage you to participate actively in positive and civil conversations, to promote the causes important to you, to vote for the candidates who best represent your priorities and who will keep the concerns of women and girls in our community and country in the forefront of their decision making. Next Tuesday, May 8th is Election Day; honor the women who fought for our right to vote by exercising your right to vote. You will make a difference for today and the future.

Thank you for making our work on behalf of women and girls possible. Your contributions are indeed helping improve conditions for women and girls in central Indiana.

Best regards,

Jennifer Pope Baker
Executive Director
Women's Fund of Central Indiana
Central Indiana Community Foundation

PS: Thank you for your contributions to Women's Fund! Because of you we continue to improve conditions for women and girls in our community. Donate now to support our work.

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