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September 29, 2011

Getting organized with elfa

by Women's Fund

By: Lynne Bir
Community Volunteer
OPTIONS Alumna, Class 9

The Container Store is coming to Indianapolis and I, for one, am excited. Not only will the store offer great things to help me get organized, I had the fortune of winning a brand new elfa closet system. I was able to have so many great conversations with The Container Store about my wants and needs for my closet. Questions like - "what do you love the most about your closet?" and "what drives you crazy about your closet?" I really felt like the designer wanted to get to know me; my wants and needs for my closet.

I had to clear out my closet before the installers got to my home. I pulled everything out and found all sorts of things shoved in every nook and cranny of my closet. The gentlemen were at my house all day. They tore out my existing rods and replaced them with their system: a mix of walnut wood shelves and ventilated shelves with wood trim. I cannot believe how good my closet looks now. It was a lot of work putting everything back into my closet. Finding the right spot and re-organizing a bit to make it work more efficiently was a challenge, but the outcome is grand.

I look forward to The Container Store opening in Indianapolis in October. This has made me look at all my closets, drawers and shelves differently now. I am ready to add a touch of elfa everywhere in my house. I can't believe what a difference an organized and beautiful closet makes to the start and end of my day.



The Container Store is coming to Indianapolis! Shop Grand Opening Weekend, October 8th & 9th, to benefit Women's Fund. Click here to learn more.

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