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September 8, 2011

Donation Brings Back Memories Before Making an Impact

by Kelly Young

My husband says I’m a shopaholic and a hoarder. He was proved right this weekend when I finally decided to clean out my closets. Much to my surprise I counted more than 40+ business suits that I haven’t worn in several years (nor will I probably wear now that my attire is a bit more casual). Why I’ve kept them all these years, I have no idea.

My original intent was to simply get rid of them. Pack them up and donate them to Dress for Success. As silly as this sounds, going through them brought back some memories … my “power suits” for important meetings, suits for different seasons, dress suits for when I wanted to feel more feminine and “big girl suits” (as my daughter used to refer to them) for when I made big client presentations. With the nostalgia brought satisfaction knowing I was going to be making an incredible donation to a nonprofit whose mission it is to “promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire.”

Dress for Success was an obvious choice. I was first introduced to them through an OPTIONS site visit and continue to hear about their great work through Women’s Fund and friends who support them. All of a sudden I got really excited about the fact that my donation was going to benefit 40 women. My suits – the very suits that were collecting dust and taking up space in my closet may give some women the confidence to go into an interview (or a “big girl meeting”) and nail it! My suits may actually make a difference in helping these women land a job and get back on their feet.
So if you have some suits you no longer wear, consider making a donation to a worthy cause like Dress for Success. What may be taking up space in your closet may change someone’s life.


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