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February 8, 2011

The Girl Effect

by Abigail Coleman

Invest in a girl. Your investment will pay off. The case has been made increasingly clear that not only locally, but internationally, investment in the future of a girl has profound ripple effects on a community and ultimately the world.

If you haven't seen this interactive website or visited lately, be sure to check it out. The Girl Effect makes a poignant example of the impact of investment in girls. It asserts: "when a girl is 12 and lives in poverty, her future is out of her control." The message is powerful - see the original "Girl Effect" video below.

A recent feature "The Best Investment" by Nancy Gibbs in Time Magazine also highlights the compelling case for supporting issues impacting girls. She writes: "The benefits are so obvious, you have to wonder why we haven't paid attention... Roughly 9 of 10 youth programs are aimed at boys. One reason for this is that when it comes to lifting up girls, we don't know as much about how to do it. We have to start by listening to girls, which much of the world is not culturally disposed to do." The article also highlights the United Nation Foundation's Girl Up program, a program "by girls, for girls," aimed at mobilizing 100,000 U.S. girls to raise money and awareness.

In central Indiana organizations like Girl Scouts and Girls Inc. fill a niche in targeting and addressing issues directly impacting girls through evidence- and research-based programs. Women's Fund is proud to support these organizations. In fact, we've contributed $702,773 focused on girls through grants centered on the issue of self-development, thanks to gifts made to our endowment. Thank you for your support and interest, which is helping girls of all ages in our community prepare and be well-equipped for the future.

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