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November 23, 2010

Power of Girls is Inspiring and Transformational

by Deanna Gonzales

I have worked for Women’s Fund of Central Indiana for nearly five years. Each day I come to work I feel I make a difference in our community, but when I attend an event or function, I feel once again the full force of the impact of the work we do. I get a renewed surge of pride and gratitude for what I get to do for a living.

This year, for the first time I was able to attend the annual Power of Girls session held at The Julian Center. Women’s Fund has held ten sessions of the program since 2004. Participants get an amazing two-fold educational experience as they go through the program. They hear an eye-opening presentation by Julian Center staff on domestic violence and participate in conversations on what constitutes healthy relationships. Later in the day, the girls participating have the opportunity to make a grant to Julian Center programs of their choice. During both exercises the girls were engaged and thoughtful.

There is a portion of the program where the girls participating did a fun art project with children living at the center. Watching those girls interact with kids who are admittedly having at the very least a rough patch in their lives gave a real boost in my faith in the younger generation. Not more than 10 minutes into the craft project, they were all just kids talking and having fun together over common task.

One thing which really struck me was how the children of the center interacted with one another. They ranged in age from infant to mid-teens and they have formed a sort of pseudo-family. The older kids played with and carried around smaller children from obviously different families and backgrounds as if they were siblings or young cousins. It was just sweet and I believe a real testament to the work the staff at The Julian Center do to make a shelter into the best home they can for these families whose lives have been so unsettled by abuse.

All told, it was definitely one of the best working Saturdays I’ve spent across my career and I’m so glad I went. I always love an eye opener.

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