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December 30, 2010

Reflecting on 2010 and Looking Ahead

by Women's Fund

By: Ann D. Murtlow, Advisory Board Chair, Women's Fund; President & CEO, Indianapolis Power & Light Company. Sharing highlights from 2010 and how your support has played a role in Women's Fund success.

December 28, 2010

Faces Benefitting from Your Support

by Abigail Coleman

View a short video featuring women and girls in central Indiana who have overcome barriers and are achieving success, thanks to your interest and support.

December 23, 2010

Helpful Approaches to Giving

by Abigail Coleman

There are many ways to give to our favorite nonprofit organizations. These are some ways you may not have considered which could allow you to maximize the impact of your giving.

December 21, 2010

New Name, Same Critical Services

by Abigail Coleman

Family Service is changing it's name - to Families First. Their services to provide affordable, professional support services to central Indiana families.

December 16, 2010

Women Who Flee Find Refuge in Indianapolis

by Kelly Young

For the past 28 years, Exodus Refugee Immigration has welcomed the brave women, men and children who have escaped tragic situations and found a new home in our community. Women's Fund granted them $15,000 this year for programs, so I wanted to learn more.

December 14, 2010

A Special Christmas Party at the Indiana Women's Prison

by Kelly Young

Volunteers from Women's Fund organized a special Christmas party for moms participating in the Family Preservation program at the Indiana Women's Prison. The day was joyful, yet emotional - both for the moms and the volunteers.

December 9, 2010

Charitable Giving – Which Causes Rank High for Women?

by Women's Fund

By: Angela E. White, CFRE The Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University just released the second part of its Women Give 2010 research, which asks the question, “Are there differences between male and female single-headed households across all subsectors of charitable giving?”

December 7, 2010

Making Noise about a Quiet Issue

by Abigail Coleman

At Women's Fund we often say domestic violence is a "quiet" issue, not talked about out loud. While the tide has turned somewhat on this, it’s still an issue many of us don’t talk about – or think affects us. While working for Women’s Fund for the past two years, there have been "aha" moments where I learn more about this issue I hadn't come to know until more recently.

December 2, 2010

Q&A with Elcira Villarreal

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund invites you to get to know our Advisory Board members. Meet Elcira Villarreal. She's a scientist, dedicated volunteer and shares a valuable lesson about respect she learned from her mother.

November 23, 2010

Power of Girls is Inspiring and Transformational

by Deanna Gonzales

The tenth Power of Girls program event inspired all involved through hands-on opportunities to learn about healthy relationships, help address domestic violence through philanthropy, and more. Read 5-year staff member Deanna Gamoian's take on her first experience with the event.

November 18, 2010

What Rain Can't Damper

by Abigail Coleman

60 OPTIONS Alumnae gathered to reconnect and learn about current happenings in the community, including the work of Project Home Indy.

November 16, 2010

Media and Me (and my daughter)

by Kelly Young

Knowing that the typical American girl uses media of some kind for over 5 hours a day, this mom decided to volunteer with Girls Inc. for its Media & Me program. Together they learned what's real and not real in the media.

November 11, 2010

Honoring Female Veterans

by Abigail Coleman

On Veterans Day, we honor the service of men and women to our country. There are some special things to know about female veterans.

November 11, 2010

Your Giving, Your Legacy

by Jennifer Pope Baker

Inside Indiana Business Perspectives Article: Providing tips on how to think about your philanthropy and creating a giving plan to have give meaningfully and with purpose.

November 9, 2010

Money Sense for Children

by Women's Fund

By: Elaine E. Bedel, CFP Teach your children these three important lessons of money management: SAVE for your future; SPEND appropriately; and SHARE for the greater good of others and your community.

November 4, 2010

A Conversation Seven Years Ago Becomes a Beautiful Home for Pregnant Teens

by Kelly Young

Project Home Indy is opening a home for pregnant and parenting homeless teens, to meet a demand that is greater than what is available in central Indiana.

November 4, 2010

2010 WOMAN OF INFLUENCE: Jennifer Pope Baker

by Women's Fund

By: Sam Stall, Indianapolis Business Journal. Jennifer Pope Baker receives the Indianapolis Business Journal's 2010 Women of Influence award. As director of Women’s Fund of Central Indiana (a special interest fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation), Baker has awarded grants to dozens of innovative central Indiana programs supporting women and girls.

November 4, 2010

Jennifer Pope Baker '89 and Myrta Pulliam Named 'Women of Influence'

by Women's Fund

DePauw University News. Jennifer Pope Baker, Women's Fund Director, and Myrta Pulliam, Women's Fund Advisory Board Member, receive the Indianapolis Business Journal's 2010 Women of Influence Award.

November 2, 2010

Vote: Our Right and Responsibility

by Abigail Coleman

Today is Election Day, a day when many Americans exercise their right to vote. It's hard to imagine that a mere 91 years ago women could not vote. In 1920, the 19th Amendment passed and this changed, paving the way for other big changes to the status of women.

October 28, 2010

Turning Point Helps Women Turn Away from Abuse

by Kelly Young

When one in three American women will be the victim of domestic violence in her lifetime, domestic violence is clearly is an issue that touches all of our lives in some way.

October 26, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Little Red Door Cancer Agency

by Women's Fund

By Tanya S. Parrish, MPH, C.H.E.S. Breast cancer screening, prevention, and assistance services can be found at the Little Red Door. Screening and prevention saves lives.

October 21, 2010

Why Nonprofits Can’t Afford to Ignore Women

by Women's Fund

By: Angela E. White, CFRE Women Give 2010 brings attention to Women in Philanthropy issues.

October 19, 2010

A Week Without Violence

by Kelly Young

YWCA has deemed this week as the Week Without Violence - an opportunity to shine a light on the critical need to end violence against women. Find out what's being done locally to raise awareness of this critical issue - and learn what Women's Fund is doing through one of its core issues: Domestic Violence.

October 14, 2010

Prevail's Grant to Benefit Students in Hamilton County

by Kelly Young

Prevail, Inc received a $46,000 grant from Women’s Fund to provide education on safe relationships to students throughout Hamilton County and support young victims who have been sexually assaulted.

October 12, 2010

Children Make Memories at Community Night

by Abigail Coleman

Community Night at The Children's Museum featured fun activities and a visit of Skeletown, The Children's Museum Guild Haunted House. 680 children and over 100 adults visited from 13 Marion County community centers. The event was full of fun and laughter and is a night the children will remember.

October 9, 2010

IPL chief Ann Murtlow is 'personable' power

by Women's Fund

By: Francesca Jarosz, Indianapolis Business Journal. Women in Biz Profile of Ann Murtlow, CEO of Indianapolis Power & Light Company. An overview of her career and her current community involvement, including as Advisory Board Chair of Women's Fund of Central Indiana.

October 7, 2010

No Small Task: Grantmaking Process is Challenging but Rewarding

by Abigail Coleman

An insider's look at the grantmaking process, including how grants are decided upon and the results these grants hope to achieve.

October 6, 2010

Johnson County Nonprofits to Receive $30,000 from Women’s Fund of Central Indiana to Benefit Women and Girls

by Women's Fund

(Oct. 6 -- Indianapolis) – Women’s Fund of Central Indiana recently awarded $30,000 to two women and girl serving organizations serving Johnson County. Girls Inc. of Franklin/Johnson Co. and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services received $20,000 and $10,000, respectively.

October 6, 2010

Shelby County Nonprofits to Receive $30,000 from Women’s Fund of Central Indiana to Benefit Women and Girls

by Women's Fund

(Oct. 6 -- Indianapolis) – Women’s Fund of Central Indiana recently awarded $30,000 to two women and girl serving organizations serving Shelby County. Shelby Community Health Center and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services received $20,000 and $10,000, respectively. They were among 18 organizations awarded grants targeting central Indiana organizations focused on caregiving, domestic violence, insufficient income, health and self-development.

October 5, 2010

2010 Grants Announced

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund granted $331,000 to 18 central Indiana organizations. Find out which organizations were awarded a grant and what they plan on doing with the dollars.

October 5, 2010

Prevail, Inc. Receives $46,000 from Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

by Women's Fund

(Oct. 5 -- Indianapolis) – Prevail, Inc. was recently awarded a $46,000 grant from Women’s Fund of Central Indiana to help serve victims of crime and abuse in Hamilton County. The grant is the single largest grant Women’s Fund has made in Hamilton County. The funds will be used to provide education on safe relationships to students throughout Hamilton County and ongoing support for teens who have been sexually assaulted.

October 4, 2010

Women's Fund of Central Indiana Grants More Than $300,000 to Benefit Women and Girls in Central Indiana

by Women's Fund

(Oct. 3 -- Indianapolis) – Women’s Fund of Central Indiana announced today that its board approved grants totaling $331,000 to 18 organizations throughout central Indiana.

September 30, 2010

GO Participants Explore The Power of Half through Grantmaking

by Women's Fund

Read a Q&A with Jennifer Pletcher, GO Educational Consultant, about the GO Fall Educational Sessions and the grantmaking process in which GO participants engaged.

September 28, 2010

Power of Girls Inspires Life-Long Lessons

by Abigail Coleman

Power of Girls is an amazing program providing a unique opportunity for girls age 13 to 16 and a special woman in their life to learn lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. When I found out about Power of Girls and heard the reactions of participants, I wished something like this was offered when I was a teenager... and I'm sure to tell anyone I know who could benefit from this program today.

September 23, 2010

Q&A with Billie Dragoo, Advisory Board Member

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund invites you to get to know our Advisory Board members. Meet Billie Dragoo. She's an entrepreneur, an active community volunteer and she's passionate about improving the quality of life for women and children.

September 21, 2010

Project Home Indy

by Kelly Young

Project Home Indy, a Women's Fund grantee, aims to provide a nurturing residential environment for homeless teenage girls who are pregnant or parenting gain self-sufficiency. Statistics from Still on Shaky Ground highlight the critical need for this organization.

September 17, 2010

Poverty Rate Climbs... Impacting Women and Their Families

by Abigail Coleman

"Poverty Rate Climbs". The headline of an article in today's Indianapolis Star is not surprising, given the economic situation in recent times. The reality of the impact poverty has on individuals, families, and our community is grim. The article reported on 2009 statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The overall poverty rate climbed to 14.3 percent or 43.6 million people in 2009, up from 13.2 percent, or 39.8 million people in 2008. In Indiana specifically, the poverty rate rose from 12.9 percent in 2008 to 16.1 percent in 2009, higher than every neighboring state except Kentucky.

September 10, 2010

Families Find Comfort and Support through Wishard

by Kelly Young

Wishard’s spectrum of care includes serving women through their Women’s and Children’s Services – and that’s the program that has benefited from Women’s Fund. Women’s Fund provided a $10,000 grant to the Wishard Foundation to help provide bereavement support for expectant mothers who experience an unexpected loss, such as a miscarriage, still birth, ectopic pregnancy or newborn death. The grant allowed the Women's and Children's Services at Wishard to provide intensive training for all staff members to increase their ability to provide compassionate and culturally sensitive bereavement.

September 7, 2010

Southside Community is Centered on Concord

by Abigail Coleman

Each time I visit a Women's Fund grantee, I walk away amazed—at the work being accomplished, the challenges faced in our community, and the creativity of staff members to make tight budgets go even further. My visit to Concord Community Center last Tuesday was no exception. I joined Women's Fund Advisory Board, Grants Committee, and OPTIONS Class 10 members to learn about this center's services to families on Indianapolis' Southside, services Women's Fund has supported since 1999, through grants totaling over $107,000. We had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Niki Girls, director of Concord for about 25 years.

September 2, 2010

Q&A with Anne Steinberg, Advisory Board Member

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund invites you to get to know our Advisory Board members. Meet Anne Steinberg. She's a working mom, successful event planner and has grown up volunteering and giving back to others.

August 31, 2010

OPTIONS 10 Year Celebration

by Women's Fund

On Aug. 27, OPTIONS alumnae celebrated 10 years of helping women and girls in the community and celebrated nearly half of a million dollars donated to Women's Fund. Raquel Richardson shares her thoughts - along with what some other women shared with her, about the event and OPTIONS.

August 26, 2010

Women Win the Vote

by Kelly Young

90 years ago today women gained the right to vote. Women's Fund celebrates National Women's Equality and the women who are making a difference!

August 24, 2010

I Walked in the Shoes of a Struggling Woman – and Walked Away Relieved

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund hosted a program called "Take a Walk in Her Shoes" which allowed participants the opportunity to become a woman in our community faced with complications, obstacles and barriers, struggling to get by. Our job was to try and navigate the social services available to people trying to escape poverty.

August 20, 2010

Prison Visit Makes Impact on Women

by Women's Fund

Betsy Biederstedt shares her impressions and thoughts after spending time on Tuesday at the Indiana Women's Prison (IWP). The site visit made such an impact on the women who attended that we have dedicated more blog space on this topic.

August 18, 2010

My Time at the Women's Prison

by Kelly Young

A site visit hosted by Women's Fund gives 18 women an inside look at the Indiana Women's Prison.

August 13, 2010

Transforming Lives and the Community Through Business Ownership

by Women's Fund

By: Kelli Reifel, OPTIONS Class 10 member As a member of OPTIONS Class 10, I recently had the opportunity to attend a site visit at Business Ownership Initiative of Indiana. BOI is one of the countless amazing organizations Women’s Fund supports. I was, once again, impressed to learn about how yet another organization supports women and children in Indiana.

August 11, 2010

Concerns About Early Puberty

by Women's Fund

By: Emily Frank, MD - OPTIONS Alumnae member This week the news outlets all carried the same scary story: young girls are beginning puberty at an alarmingly young age. Early puberty is defined as the development of sexual characteristics before age 7 in girls. An article published in the journal Pediatrics this week reports on a large study of nearly 1200 young females from across the nation.

August 5, 2010

Curtain Closes on IRT’s Leading Lady: Priscilla Lindsay

by Kelly Young

We honor and celebrate IRT’s leading lady, Priscilla Lindsay. She has achieved amazing accomplishments here in Indianapolis - on and off the stage. She leaves Indianapolis to pursue a new role as the first woman to chair the Theatre Department at Michigan.

August 4, 2010

Putting Women on the Path to Success

by Women's Fund

Inside Indiana Business Perspectives Article, By Paula MacVittie. One of the first fundraising events I attended after returning to Indianapolis was a breakfast for the Women’s Fund. I pulled out the agency credit card and made a donation. Then, two months ago, I was visited by Abigail Coleman, Women’s Fund development officer, and advisory board member Marianne Glick—who is one of Indianapolis’ premiere philanthropists. I was so impressed with the organization I doubled our contribution. More importantly, I decided to let the rest of the world know about the extraordinary difference it is making.

August 3, 2010

Shopping at Saks Benefits Women's Fund

by Kelly Young

Two of my favorite things … shopping and donating to a great organization. Now it’s possible to do both through a program sponsored by Saks. Women’s Fund of Central Indiana is one of six local charities selected by Saks Fifth Avenue Indianapolis to benefit from their “I’m Going to Saks … For My Favorite Charity” program.

July 29, 2010

Women Making Herstory

by Abigail Coleman

Yesterday I was delighted to attend the Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis Touchstone Awards, themed "Making Herstory". There are many positive elements of this event and an important one, in my view, is recognizing female leaders making a mark on central Indiana. Four women were honored with Touchstone Awards, which highlight and recognize their achievements and significance as leaders. Past honorees include current Women's Fund board chair, Ann Murtlow, Immediate Past Chair, Julie Davis, and a host of other women who have provided leadership to Women's Fund and our community.

July 27, 2010

34 North Gives Victims New Direction

by Abigail Coleman

34 North: the name sounded like a trendy restaurant or condo complex when I first heard it. It's actually the name of a new apartment complex on Meridian Street, a transitional housing facility for The Julian Center. This facility provides a safe and supportive housing community for domestic violence victims as they re-establish themselves and is an affordable housing option for community members.

July 22, 2010

Theodora House Helps Female Offenders

by Abigail Coleman

Can you imagine being in prison, close to being released, and having to figure out how to pick up the pieces and restart your life when you return home? I can't. As if the challenges around being in prison are not great enough, it is even more difficult to rejoin society as a productive citizen, free of the barriers and issues an offender had when entering the system.

July 20, 2010

Helping Women through Volunteering

by Abigail Coleman

Women's Fund is helping women and girls in central Indiana gain self-sufficiency. Volunteer experiences help this Women's Fund staff member have a greater respect for those struggling to get by every day.

July 15, 2010

I Had to Read!

by Jennifer Pope Baker

A "read-in" made so much sense and it was so easy to do. I can't imagine a life without books. Everyone in our community deserves free, easy access to their public library branch.

July 13, 2010

Women’s Fund Reminds Us of Indiana’s Safe Haven Law

by Kelly Young

July is Safe Haven Month in Indiana and Women's Fund reminds readers that women have a choice – and an opportunity to provide a safe home for their newborn child.

July 8, 2010

Going Gaga for Beauty

by Abigail Coleman

Do you ever have the experience where something bothers you and you simply cannot shake it? Thanks in part to Lady Gaga, I had this experience as I read a recent New York Times article and learned about the newest Gaga-inspired trend for teenage girls and young women, "circle lenses." Circle lenses are essentially larger-than-normal contacts which give the wearer a doe-eyed look through seemingly enlarged pupils.

July 6, 2010

UN Women Reflects Goals for Women Everywhere

by Abigail Coleman

I was intrigued to learn about the United Nation's vote on Friday to establish UN Women. The goals of this entity are to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. I'm truly excited about a new international platform to address issues impacting women, and I hope this effort is successful in accomplishing its goals.

July 1, 2010

Grantee Highlight: Prevail, Inc. Serves Victims of Abuse

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund provides support to Prevail, Inc. to help victims of domestic violence in Hamilton Co.

June 29, 2010

A Year of Blogging

by Kelly Young

Reviewing and reflecting on the first year of Women's Fund blogs.

June 25, 2010

Women's Fund announces new website

by Women's Fund

(Indianapolis) -- Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, a special interest fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation, has launched a new website designed to be informative and engaging. The new site, www.womensfund.org, highlights Women's Fund as the expert resource for issues impacting women and girls in central Indiana. Viewers can expect to find the latest statistics and trends affecting women and girls, an insider’s look into the organization through the Women’s Fund blog and industry news and videos and profiles of Women’s Fund programs and people.

June 24, 2010

Lawrence Taylor's failures reflect our own

by Women's Fund

Contributed by Women's Funding Network Hall of Fame linebacker and Dancing With the Stars personality, Lawrence Taylor, may face up to four years in jail. Taylor is accused of third degree rape after having paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl in May. His next court appearance was scheduled today, June 24.

June 22, 2010

Engaging and Informative New Website will be a Resource

by Abigail Coleman

Women's Fund has a new website! I, for one, am excited about the opportunities the new site will bring. Not only does it look snappy, it will allow our donors, grantees, and new friends connect with us. The new site highlights Women's Fund as an expert resource for issues impacting women and girls in central Indiana and thanks those who contribute to our success.

June 17, 2010

Summer Camp Participants Empowered through Leadership and Learning

by Women's Fund

Contributed by Quiana Graham, Director, Youth & Family Programs, Indiana Black Expo, Inc. Every year March is designated as Women's Empowerment Month. During that month, we see public service announcements honoring great women such as Amelia Earhart, Madame C J Walker, Betsy Ross and other women who have helped to make this country great! As a person active in the non-profit community, I work first hand with the National Girls Inc. office, which is located in downtown Indianapolis. I have read numerous scholarships of Girls Inc. graduates from throughout the country who seek financial assistance from the organization to continue their educational endeavors.

June 15, 2010

Education is Key to Violence Prevention

by Abigail Coleman

I was taken aback when reading the New York Times column posted on the Women's Fund Facebook page last week. The article highlighted a group of 14- and 15-year-old boys' "draft" of girls in their Maryland community. I won't go into the details, but you can read the column by clicking here. What may be viewed by some as innocent adolescent behavior may also foreshadow long-term issues with respect for women, which can lead to dating violence and domestic abuse.

June 10, 2010

Community Centers and How They Care for Their Communities

by Kelly Young

As an OPTIONS alumnae, and a donor to Women’s Fund, I’m committed to learning more about where my dollars are going – and sharing with readers what I learn. This time, I decided to explore the community centers that Women’s Fund has funded, including Concord, Hawthorne and John H. Boner Community Centers. Each has received operational support from Women’s Fund so I was interested in learning what the centers do for their communities.

June 8, 2010

Caregiving... What I didn't know

by Abigail Coleman

Caregiving is more than an issue Women's Fund focuses on, it is an issue impacting all of us in one way or another. Many of us are responsible for the care of children, or are faced with elder care issues. The related statistics are striking. Following are some facts about caregiving, which we have uncovered in our research publication, Still on Shaky Ground 2006:

June 4, 2010

Use What You've Got Prison Ministry Keeps Families Connected

by Abigail Coleman

Imagine you are a parent, miles away from your children and family members with no way to see them unless someone brings them to you. This is a reality for many in the justice system; the impact of this separation can be devastating to a family and, in particular, to developing bonds between parents and children. Use What You've Got Prison Ministry's mission is to provide transportation for prison visitation while promoting family wellness through education, supportive resources, and spiritual enhancement. They drove a total of 24,586 miles last year, shuttling family members to sixteen correctional facilities spread throughout the state.

June 1, 2010

Hawthorne Community Center is the heart of its neighborhood

by Women's Fund

Contributed by Julie Rowlas, Community Volunteer. A few days ago I shared the experience of visiting Hawthorne Community Center with some friends and new acquaintances I’ve met through my volunteer activities with Women’s Fund. It was a beautiful day and the center was bustling with activity as it was assuming its role to be the neighborhood children’s cornerstone for the summer.

May 26, 2010

Redefining Beauty - Outcomes Beyond Measure

by Abigail Coleman

Tuesday I shared about the "Redefining Beauty" Girls Inc. program, which I recently facilitated at a local elementary school. The girls participating in the program came from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. I could not say that conflict did not happen (after all, I was working with 9 to 11 year-old girls)! However, the positive outcomes of the program were phenomenal.

May 24, 2010

Redefining Beauty

by Abigail Coleman

I really enjoy helping people through volunteering. When I had the opportunity to lead Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis programs through Junior League, I jumped on it. Not only do I enjoy mentoring children - especially girls, but this was a perfect connection to our mission at Women's Fund.

May 19, 2010

Dress for Success Highlighted on National Makeover Day

by Abigail Coleman

Today is "National Makeover Day" on QVC, featuring Dress for Success and the stories of clients, including two local women, Clara and Lynette. Clara (pictured right) was featured this morning; Lynette will be featured tonight at 11 p.m.

May 17, 2010

Sniffles and summer vacation mean extra planning for moms

by Kelly Young

Today I was struck by my good fortune of having a strong network – particularly in terms of quality daycare, a good family who helps with the kids and the ability to tap into the great community resources available for working moms. I’m currently facing two situations that are not uncommon to working moms – a sick kid and planning for summer care. Both raise the question of balancing work and family responsibilities.

May 12, 2010

Challenging what we know

by Women's Fund

Contributed by Raquel Richardson, Principal, Silver Square :: Marketing + Design. We know the sun will come up tomorrow. We know the leaves turn colors in the fall. We know the earth is round. We know the truth – until we don’t. Our world has a funny way of keeping us off balance and adding in those little idiosyncrasies that make us pause and take note, challenging what we know.

May 10, 2010

Challenged to make a difference by a group of kids

by Kelly Young

Give a few kids a video camera and see how they can inspire others. That's just what Women's Fund of Central Indiana did during their GO Family Philanthropy Day. Their creativity, passion and honesty are heartwarming, touching and motivating.

May 5, 2010

Shouldn't girls "just wanna have fun" - not worry about losing weight?

by Kelly Young

Women's Fund recently posted on an article on Facebook about elementary school girls trying to lose weight. Although the report was from 2003, the fact that 40% of 1-5th grade girls at the time wanted to lose weight is alarming.

May 3, 2010

GO Family Philanthropy Day: The Power of Half

by Abigail Coleman

Last Saturday, about 60 people, including 16 families, gathered for 2010 GO Family Philanthropy Day at the Indianapolis Art Center. This event provided a meaningful and enriching philanthropy education experience to parents whose children are involved in GO: Give Back.

April 28, 2010

What is an Endowment?

by Women's Fund

Contributed by Elaine Bedel, CFP; President, Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc. Have you ever been asked to make a charitable contribution to the endowment of Women’s Fund of Central Indiana? There is often confusion with respect to giving to an endowment versus giving directly to a charitable organization. The one major difference is that when you make a gift to an endowment, you really are making "a gift that keeps on giving".

April 26, 2010

Celebrating Volunteers

by Abigail Coleman

Women's Fund. You know we are the expert resource for issues impacting women and girls in central Indiana. You know we are dedicated increasing options and opportunities for women and girls in our community. You know we have an $11 million endowment and make well-reasoned, researched grants to organizations who are functioning at a high level.

April 21, 2010

National Crime Victims' Rights Week

by Abigail Coleman

April 18-24 is National Crime Victims' Rights Week, a time focused on recognizing the rights of crime victims and raising awareness on ways to help victims.

April 19, 2010

Financial Literacy Month

by Hannah Kaufman Joseph

April is Financial Literacy Month. Experts report that Americans carry more than $2 trillion in consumer debt, which is more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of some countries. While those numbers are outrageous, they are also completely understandable. In this economy, we are living paycheck to paycheck, and using credit cards to bridge the gaps.

April 19, 2010

Teach them that violence has no place in good relationship

by Women's Fund

A Letter to the Editor regarding Heather's Law, as published in The Indianapolis Star. As an advocate in the effort to prevent teen violence and keep our community's children safe, I was pleased to learn that earlier this week Governor Mitch Daniels signed “Heather’s Law” – a bill enabling schools to address dating violence through education programs and policies for students in 6 through 12 grade.

April 14, 2010

Celebrating the Health of African American Women

by Kelly Young

April is National Minority Health Month — an opportunity for us to raise awareness about the wide range of health disparities among African Americans.

April 12, 2010

New Law Designed to Prevent Teen Violence

by Kelly Young

Over the years, Central Indiana has experienced an increase in teen girls who are in more violent relationships. In 2005, 13.5% of Indiana high school girls reported they had experienced dating violence (had been hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend) in the last 12 months. This translates to approximately 5,000 Indianapolis area girls, ages 15-18, who experienced dating violence in one year alone.

April 10, 2010

Women's Fund aims to build endowment to $20 million

by Women's Fund

By: Kathleen McLaughlin, Indianapolis Business Journal. The Women’s Fund of Central Indiana recently completed an endowment drive that raised $7 million, making the endowment one of the largest of its kind in terms of assets. Now at $11.6 million, Women’s Fund focuses its giving in three areas: access to quality child care, eliminating domestic violence, and building sufficient incomes for women. It plans to make grants totaling about $500,000 this year.

April 7, 2010

Remembering Ryan White

by Kelly Young

Twenty years ago today Ryan White – the 13-year-old boy from Indiana who put a face to HIV/AIDS, lost his battle to the disease at Riley Hospital for Children. At the time, there was little or no understanding about HIV or AIDS, how it was transferred, who was at risk and how you could protect yourself. Ryan became an advocate, an educator and an inspiration to so many.

April 6, 2010

Inspired By a Victim of Child Abuse

by Kelly Young

Last week I attended a kick-off event for Child Abuse Prevention Month, hosted in partnership by Prevent Child Abuse America, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana and The Villages. Throughout the event, child advocates spoke about the importance of child abuse prevention and the devastating cycle of domestic violence. Statistics shared were stark. Each year, more than 20,000 Hoosier children are abused and neglected – that equates to 56 children being harmed every day and one child each week losing his or her young life to child abuse.

April 1, 2010

Remembering Female Athletes During March Madness

by Abigail Coleman

When considering all of the attention the men's tournament receives, the women's tournament seems overshadowed. There certainly has been coverage of women's games, but it does not seem to be to the extent of the men's games. The Olympics is one forum where male and female athletes have equal coverage, but more attention should be drawn to the efforts of all female athletes.

April 1, 2010

"Board Room" column - ORG Magazine

by Women's Fund

By: Ann D. Murtlow Women's Fund of Central Indiana is a unique and critical organization for our community. As the expert resource for critical issues facing women and girls in central Indiana, Women's Fund adds value in a number of ways:

March 30, 2010

Caregiving Options Help Central Indiana Women

by Abigail Coleman

Women’s Fund puts philanthropic support to work through strategic investments focused on building and strengthening our community.

March 25, 2010

Madeleine Albright: A Trailblazing Leader

by Abigail Coleman

Since March is Women's History Month, it is fitting to highlight a trailblazing woman in history, Madeleine Albright. Last night, Dr. Albright spoke at Butler University as part of the Celebration of Diversity distinguished lecture series, captivating the audience with a sincere, inspiring, witty, and thought-provoking presentation.

March 23, 2010

Q&A With Mary Harden, Advisory Board Member

by Kelly Young

Question and answer session with Advisory Board Member Mary Harden.

March 18, 2010

Women's History Month

by Abigail Coleman

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate women's contributions to history, culture, and society. It's only fitting to pay tribute, as we have through our blog recently, to women such as the WWII WASPs and female black civil rights workers, in honor of their tireless efforts to provide a foundation for women's success today.

March 16, 2010

Cookies, Badges and Beyond: Women's Fund and Girl Scouts

by Kelly Young

I’m fascinated by Girl Scout cookie time – fascinated by the dedication of the Troops selling them each weekend throughout the city; I’m fascinated by the mom’s helping to sell their daughter’s cookies; but mostly I’m fascinated by the lessons learned by Girl Scout cookie time. And wouldn’t you just know that as I was talking about Girl Scout cookies with Women’s Fund I learned something new about the organization… they helped create a Girl Scout Badge.

March 11, 2010

Women From the 40's Flying High After Receiving Medal

by Kelly Young

As an organization that supports women and girls, it’s no surprise to see Women’s Fund highlight and applaud women who serve as leaders to young girls and help pave the way for other women.

March 9, 2010

Day Nursery: A Childcare Leader

by Abigail Coleman

Did you know: In central Indiana there are only 24 licensed childcare spots for every 100 children under the age of six whose caregivers work outside the home? Women's Fund has awarded $830,000 to address caregiving challenges in central Indiana, funding organizations like Day Nursery Association of Greater Indianapolis.

March 4, 2010

Mom/Daughter Time with the Wannabes

by Women's Fund

How often do you and your mom or you and your daughter get together with the explicit purpose of laughing, poking fun at each other, and seriously discussing issues of which your dad, husband, or brother have absolutely no clue?

March 2, 2010

Teaching Entrepreneurs at Business Ownership Initiative

by Hannah Kaufman Joseph

This month, I had the pleasure of teaching a class at Business Ownership Initiative. This organization, funded by one of Women’s Fund’s “Bold and Transformative” grants, (and formerly called the Neighborhood Self Employment Initiative), is simply fantastic. And I have had the honor of being one of their volunteer instructors for their curriculum of workshops.

February 23, 2010

Celebrating Donors and Their impact

by Abigail Coleman

Last night Women's Fund held an event to thank donors to the Endowment Campaign. An impressive crowd of 200 people gathered at the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral to celebrate the impact their support has made to women and girls in central Indiana.

February 23, 2010

Honoring Black Women in History

by Abigail Coleman

February marks Black History Month, a time dedicated to reflect on the contributions made by women, men, and children in black history.

February 18, 2010

Following the Star and Finding Women's Fund There

by Kelly Young

I’ve been reading with great interest the Indianapolis Star’s recent series: Our Children. Our City. It’s their commitment to bettering the lives of Indianapolis’ children. Their news coverage and community initiatives will shine a light on the successes and failures, challenges and opportunities facing children and those who educate struggling, underperforming or at-risk children in the city's schools.

February 16, 2010

Q&A with J.A. Lacy, Advisory Board Member

by Kelly Young

Question and answer session with Women's Fund Advisory Board Member J.A. Lacy.

February 11, 2010

Raising Awareness for Issues We Care About

by Abigail Coleman

For those not familiar with 2-1-1, think of it as 9-1-1 for social service needs. It is a national dialing code, accessible in many areas nationwide. 2-1-1 Connect2Help locally fields calls for individuals in central Indiana needing direct assistance in areas of health and human service, helping provide information and assistance around food, utilities, shelter, counseling, and finding safety from violent situations.

February 9, 2010

Healthy Relationships: Among Many Ways to be Healthy

by Abigail Coleman

Recently we posted a question to our Women's Fund Facebook fans: "What makes you feel fit and healthy?" It was awesome to see the diverse responses of many of our fans.

February 4, 2010

Reporting on Girls, Inc. From the Streets of Franklin

by Kelly Young

I participated in a video project for Women’s Fund this week and although I was skeptical about my ability to be a “woman on the street reporter”, I had fun and learned a lot about the organization I was assigned.

February 2, 2010

Q&A with Julie Manning Magid, Advisory Board Member

by Kelly Young

Question and answer session with Advisory Board Member, Julie Manning Magid.

January 28, 2010

Unemployment Impacts Women

by Abigail Coleman

Last week, the December statistics were released for unemployment. In Indiana, the rate has stayed steady at 9.6 percent, while nationally the rate is 10 percent. Unemployment in this time is directly impacting men more than ever, and women are more frequently the only income provider for their household.

January 27, 2010

Welcome OPTIONS Class 10

by Kelly Young

This month, 20 exceptional women will begin a 10-month exploration of personal and group philanthropy through OPTIONS. Along the way, we hope to provide you insight from the class through this blog. We plan to take you behind the scenes through personal stories, photos and class experiences.

January 19, 2010

Finding Inspiration

by Abigail Coleman

Yesterday, we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. and his inspired leadership. In this celebration, we can appreciate the progress our nation has made in the decades since his transformative leadership. While celebrating, we must also recognize the difficulties members of our community continue to face and consider how we can help.

January 14, 2010

Welcome New Advisory Board Members

by Abigail Coleman

Women's Fund is grateful for the service of a team of community leaders who guide our work to improve the lives of women and girls in central Indiana—our Advisory Board. Thanks to 2008 - 2009 chair, Julie Davis, for her outstanding service to Women's Fund in this role. We would also like to welcome new leadership to our Advisory Board.

January 12, 2010

Inspired (and Intrigued) by a Great Philanthropist

by Kelly Young

I have read with great interest the many stories about Ruth Lilly following her death at the age of 94. What an amazing woman who gave so much to so many. She had an incredible charitable spirit that she shared with numerous organizations nationally and locally, including Women’s Fund of Central Indiana.

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