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September 30, 2009

Shining a Light on a Quiet Issue

by Abigail Coleman

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Thanks to initiatives like Shattering the Silence, led by Angela Caine at WTHR Channel 13, domestic violence is more openly discussed in our community. As one of our primary funding areas, Women's Fund welcomes opportunities to shine a light on domestic violence and its impact on our community.

September 28, 2009

Funding Cut; Women's Fund Refuses to See Women at Risk

by Kelly Young

This week I learned from Women's Fund that they are involved in trying to save a critical program in our community. Women's Fund stepped in after the Julian Center learned the Department of Justice is cutting funding for "The Grants to Encourage Arrests" program – a program credited with having a significant impact on saving lives and keeping women safe.

September 23, 2009

Bank on Indy

by Abigail Coleman

How did you first learn about managing money? At some point, you probably learned something about the value of money and keeping it safe. Through economic literacy programs at local Girls Inc. chapters, for example, many central Indiana girls are developing money management skills at an early age.

September 21, 2009

Options and Opportunities

by Abigail Coleman

My grandmother graduated in 1949 with a Chemistry degree (pictured is the two of us in recent years). Her five hard-working daughters became a teacher, nurses, doctor, and a graphic designer/business owner. From a young age, my closest friends were education-focused, and they are now working in a variety of career fields. You might imagine one of the most important values to me is education, and I am fortunate this was modeled by many strong women in my life.

September 14, 2009

Are You Hungry?

by Jennifer Pope Baker

This past Saturday our GO: Give Back participants gathered for their GO educational sessions and in age-appropriate and gender divided groups, we discussed Food: Enough to Spare? Enough to Share? It was a challenging topic for children to think about people in our country and community who don't have enough to eat. The children were open, receptive, and left the session with a greater appreciation for food, nutrition, and hunger.

September 9, 2009

More Than Fun and Games

by Abigail Coleman

I was lucky enough to have opportunities like Girl Scouts and great programs at school to get involved in... so many good opportunities, it was sometimes hard to choose. I never imagined that these choices and opportunities did not exist for other girls.

September 7, 2009

Everyday Leadership

by Abigail Coleman

Do you see yourself as a leader? Many of us are leaders by nature of our work or affiliations. Leadership opportunities occur at many moments each day. Sometimes we take advantage of them, sometimes we don't, and sometimes we exhibit leadership in unexpected ways.

September 2, 2009

Go Girl!

by Kelly Young

Driving home from a meeting with Women’s Fund, I found myself comparing them to an event I participated in over the weekend. On Saturday, I was one of 500 women who participated in the Go Girl Triathlon, an event benefiting the Julian Center

September 2, 2009

D. Emily Frank - Chef and Physician Extraordinaire

by Hannah Kaufman Joseph

On Tuesday night, I had the honor of attending a dinner and talk given by Dr. Emily Frank at her lovely home in Carmel. For those of you who know Emily, you also know that she is a very gifted internal medicine physician, who has a passion for women's health issues.

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