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November 2, 2009


by Kelly Young

I truly have had a great time getting to know Women’s Fund better over the past few months. Yes, I went through OPTIONS several years ago. Yes, I know several of the organizations who benefit from Women’s Fund grants. Yes, I have a few friends on committees and/or the board. But I’ve discovered some new things I didn’t know (or maybe didn’t remember). Take, for example, some of these “did you knows” that I’ve discovered – or rediscovered.

* Grants: I was familiar with the fact that Women’s Fund supports women and girls in Central Indiana. However, I didn’t recall their primary focus on caregiving, domestic violence and insufficient income. The even greater “did you know” … Women's Fund has awarded a total of 236 grants totaling $3,244,077 to 89 different organizations since its inception in May 1999. This year alone they granted over $330,000 to 13 organizations. Wow!

* Programs: I was familiar with OPTIONS because I went through the program, but what I didn’t know was some of the specifics about their other philanthropic educational programs, such as GO: Give Back and Power of Girls – programs specifically designed to teach youth about philanthropy and giving back to the community.

* Research: I was familiar with their “Still On Shaky Ground” reports, but I find the work, passion and commitment to research on the critical issues facing women and girls in our community remarkable. Again, my “did you know” moment was realizing that the research and key findings help form Women’s Fund priorities when making grants.

* Funding: This isn’t a “did you know” defining moment, but it was a great reminder, Women’s Fund continues to fund programs that improve the lives of women and girls in our community, but in order to do so, they need our help. They can’t continue to fund at the level they have been if we don’t continue to fund them. “Did you know” you can donate online now too?

I look forward to discovering even more about Women’s Fund -- about the organizations they support and the programs they develop; their research and key findings; and how Women’s Fund will continue to make an even greater impact in the work they do throughout the community.

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