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August 25, 2009

Mentors and the Green Sash

by Women's Fund

By Lynda Goeke
Community Volunteer

When I think of the experiences in my life that have made the person I am, there are many that come to mind, but one that stands out is my Girl Scout experience. I was a Brownie, Junior Girl Scout and a Cadette (there were no Daisy’s in 1973). I now realize how lucky I was to have amazing mentors as my troop leaders. In fourth grade, Yvonne Shaheen dutifully guided us through all the badges we worked on as a troop. She and Barbra Mundt took time to help all of us with our projects and take us to new places. We all went to Camp Dellwood, part of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, on Indianapolis' west side. I don’t remember too much about it except it rained. I am not much of a camper, but we cooked on a fire and all and all had fun!

Girl Scouts, Women's Fund grant recipient, is much more than selling cookies - although I sold a ton of them. It taught me life skills. I baked my first cake because of Girl Scouts, went bowling, and sewed up a very cute halter top that I wish I could still fit into. I believe Scouting made me a leader. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience today engages girls to discover, connect, and take action.

We are all busy in our lives but ask yourself: who mentored you? Do you mentor anyone? I challenge you to take the time to give back to today's young women. They might look back one day - as I do - and say "thank you" for the life lessons you gave them. Thanks Yvonne and Girl Scouts!

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